About Us

About Us

FACICP Disability Plus is a non-governmental organization, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria with a mission to mainstream the issues of women with disabilities in various societal and institutional sectors. We believe that the issues of people with disabilities are human rights and development issues and NOT Charity. Furthermore, FACICP seeks to explore the inter-sectionality between gender and disability in order to promote visibility and inclusive development for women with disabilities as a matter of Human rights.

Our Vision

An inclusive society where the human rights and potentials of people with disabilities, especially women and girls with disabilities are respected in all sectors, beginning with their families,

Our Core Values

• Partnership.
• Inclusion
• Integrity
• Commitment
• Courage

Our Mission

• Advocate the mainstreaming of disability issues in gender and development programs as a human right and development goal.

• Emphasize the specific needs of people with disabilities in order to promote social inclusion and inclusive development in all development efforts.

• Promote the inclusion of the issues of women and girls with disabilities in National women’s agenda.

• Focus on local initiatives that address the issues of access and participation for people with disabilities, especially women and girls with disabilities in good governance program.

• Engage in legislative advocacy targeting laws and policies that impact upon the Human rights of persons with disabilities, in particular.

• Conduct research and produce reports on disability related issues.

• Capacity building programmes both on the demand and supply sides; providing technical assistance to government, civil society and institutional sector on disability mainstreaming.

• Network and collaborate with CSOs in the design and implementation of programs that are disability friendly.

About The Founder

Ekaete Judith Umoh is an International disability rights advocate with a bias for the human rights of women and girls with disabilities. She is a committed professional in her work, with an astute analysis of the issues related to disability and development and engages wherever possible promoting visibility and development for people with disabilities around the world.


She has served as consultant to several development agencies both in Nigeria and abroad, providing strategies on disability inclusion in various development programmes and have worked very closely with DGD Phase 2 of the UNDP, USAID Implementing partners on projects for the Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities (JONAPWD) such as International Republican Institute-IRI, PACT Nigeria. Coalition for Change-C4C through, Affirmation for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (ARPWD), Constitution Review Dialogue Mechanism (CRDM), State Accountability and Voice Initiative (SAVI) programmes and Mobilizing for Development (M4D) is key DFID projects she has provided technical assistance.

Others include, Mobility International USA, Eugene-Oregon, USA, Hesperian California USA, Secretariat of African Decade for Persons with Disabilities, Cape Town South Africa


Ms. Umoh is highly celebrated internationally as disability rights advocate; she was Vice-president, Rehabilitation International (RI) Africa Region,  first Nigerian and African Woman to hold such high position in the organization. RI is an international disability organization with over 90 years of experience working to promote the rights of people with disabilities in all regions of the world.


Also, recently elected National Coordinator;  Global Fund For Women’s Grantees Network (GFWGN) Nigeria, the first women with a disability elected to lead a mainstream Women’s Network (Women’s Civil Society group) in Nigeria.

Honored December 2013 by United Nations (UN) WOMEN as member of UN WOMEN Nigeria, Civil Society Advisory Group (CSAG), representing Civil Society Network.


Women leader of the Joint National Association of Persons with disabilities (2008-2012).


Elected National President; Joint National Association of Persons with disabilities (JONAPWD)- first female President of  Association.


Ms. Umoh holds a Masters degree in Social Works (MSW) amongst other Diplomas and Certificates

Donors and Partners

The Global Fund for Women, California-USA, Mama Cash (Netherlands), Vital Voices Global Partnership- USA, Family Health International, GHAIN Project-Nigeria, Hesperian-USA, Mobility International- USA, Association of Women’s Right in Development (AWID) Canada, are among the international donors who share in our vision. We also derive funds through membership subscription and consultancy services.

FACICP Disability Plus have also partnered in the past with the Public Affairs Section of the United States Consul General, in Lagos, Nigeria. We worked with this section to raise awareness on the issues of people with disabilities and engage in outreach through its magazine, ‘Crossroads.”

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