Another significant milestone has been attained by FACICP Disability Plus in her giant strides to have a discrimination free society where women with disability can be heard and respected without any form of social prejudice through alliance building.

Having a sense of belonging is a key concept in the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. In our society today, Women with Disability are often excluded from social activities, employment opportunity, political functions and even among mainstream women groups

In the month of March, FACICP Disability plus commence the SOW-DACE project as key of changing this narrative through alliance/movement building among organization of women with disability(OWD) and their counterpart the mainstream women group(MWG).

The project which was centered across four pilots state of the Federation including the FCT, came to conclusion on the 28th of October with a one day meeting on Stakeholders dialogue on inclusive alliance building with contingent from the pilots states.

They made call for women to see each other as one and identify with their gender first before their disability/impairment. They also brainstormed and recommended names, thematic focus, structure, vision and mission statement for the movement.

Some of the women present highlighted how the 9 months program has impacted their culture and modus operandi in their irrespective organization. They welcome and salute FACICP as a lead initiative for embarking on the project and decided to work together in attaining the goal and interest of the alliance.

Indeed, this is bigger than the success story of Arthropods as the women agreed that “Together is better” as it it believe this will further help achieve the UN-SDG goals and help embrace disability intersectionality.