FACICP's Disability Plus History

FACICP Disability Plus was founded in 2000 to address the development imbalance suffered by women and girls with disabilities in Nigeria. It works towards achieving an inclusive society, free from discrimination, violence and abuse where the human rights of women and girls with disabilities are respected.
The Center was conceived by Ms. Ekaete Judith Umoh, a polio survivor who realized that the challenges she overcame provided her an opportunity to advocate for other women with disabilities. While studying at the university, Ms. Umoh was placed in a block of hostel that was reserved for female students with disabilities. Her stay in this hostel made her appreciate better the diversity of the plight of women and girls with disabilities and the reaction of people towards them and most importantly, the discrimination suffered by these women.

Aside her experience as an undergraduate, Ms. Umoh's involvement with women's rights groups in Nigeria opened her eyes to the fact that women with disabilities were constantly being excluded from development programs, especially those targeting women. Most of the activities/programs were not disability-sensitive and women with disabilities could not access these opportunities. At this time there were no organizations addressing the rights of women with disabilities in her community and Ms. Umoh formed FACICP to address the human rights and development issues of women with Disabilities.

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