Stakeholders Meeting on Political Party Reform and Measuring Parties Performance in Nigeria.

JONAPWD Participated in the Policy Roundtable Modalities for Measuring Political Parties Performance in Nigeria. It was organized by westministers foundation for Democracy (WFD). The event was held at Transcorp Hilton Abuja on the 30th march 2021; Present at the event was Representative from INEC, Country Director of WFD, Proff Jibril Gambari consultant, Stakeholders, CSO and Media. THEME FOR THE EVENT: POLICY ROUNDTABLE MODALITIES FOR MEASURING POLITICAL PARTIES PERFORMANCE IN NIGERIA. 

Country representative of WFD gave the introduction to THE ASSESSMENT OF THE STATE OF NIGERIA POLITICAL PARTIES; IT ROLE IN LEADERSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT, He further explained Political party, as a group of persons organized to acquire and exercise political power. Political parties as being use as a tool for acquiring power into different arms of government with no adequate impact in teams of development in the society. if every party plays it roles effectively in teams of good leadership representative, it will bring about good governess and development. WFD introduce the Monitoring Indicators for Nigeria Political Parties/ Party scorecard /index, this will help in monitoring the performances of political parties and it level of achievement.

Presentation of Research paper by Proff Jibril Gambari, Presented the report on research papers and how Nigeria political parties started, Before Independence the first political party in Nigeria was NNDP that was establish in 1923. He spoke on the first republic, second republic, third republic, fourth republic and some parties that were regionally base. It explains the reason why he came up with the 20 indicators in the party scorecard/index and open the floor for further deliberation on other indicator that should be included or remove from the scorecard.

JONAPWD Representative gave is view on the 20 indicators, INCLUSIVENESS/ EXCLUSIVENESS that was part of the 20 indicators, do not cover for PWD because the word inclusiveness is very wide and the interest of persons with Disabilities should be properly spell out not merge with inclusiveness.  Persons with disabilities as an umbrella body that cover it members and their interest in Nigeria, (JONAPWD) this body should be the indicator that represents the PWD in the process. The populations of PWD in Nigeria are not least than 25 million; this population is too much not to be recognize on its own. JONAPWD promise to work together with WFD in achieving this process.