Facicp Disability plus organize a one-day workshop to commensurate the celebration of Beijing + 25 review on women with disability. The event was held at CNS resource center Abuja on the 3rd of march 2021.

The event was facilitated by Ms Ekaete Judith Umoh EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FACICP Disability PLUS, present at the event were women from different OPDs, and other CSOs.  Ms Umoh gave brief introduction into the vision of FACICP DISABILITY PLUS, our vision is to provide A safe, accessible and inclusive society where women and girls with disabilities are respected and their human right is guaranteed. She further wants ahead to speak on the issue of self-love and boldness for women with disabilities, nobody will love you if you don’t love yourself, self-confident give self-respect, that what most women with disabilities in the society are facing.  We have to speak up and not be seen as second class citizen in the society.

This event is to build the voice of women with disability; we have to make sure our voice is being heard in the society. We don’t have to keep quit, we have to speak up and build our confidence.  Brief history of Beijing +25 review, after 25 years, Nigeria felt of implementing peace and security agenda in Addis Ababa, we did our own review 1995, 17,000 delegate and 30,000 activities from across the globe streamed to Beijing to attend the fourth world women conference. This was one of the largest meetings to promote women to attend the civil society forum in Beijing ahead of the conference with the aim to bring intersectional dimensions between gender and the environment. Women have to speak up in whatever situation, don’t allow to be push around. 

 THE RESOUCE PERSON: OGBONNA FAITH, who spoke on self-love and confident for women, PROJECT REVIEW was carried out by BLESSING ODUNSOYE, the women contributed to the discussion and share their various experiences on the issue. Ms Umoh spoke on physiological ways of embracing yourself and use the opportunity to introduce PURPLE CORNER to the women, a safe place for orange talk, A place where women who have being physically abuse come to share their experience and get expert advice on how to come out of the trauma.