Building Bridges Meeting /Beijing (+25 pre-conferences) Inclusive Advocacy on Women’s Rights

2020 marks 25 yearsafter the Beijing Declaration towards advancing women’s rights, though, the progress recorded have been minimal.

On the other hand, women and girls with disabilities are subjected to attitudinal and environmental as well as systematic marginalization due to policies and practices that set them at disadvantaged positions.

The Executive Director of FACICP Disability Plus, Ms. Ekaete Judith Umoh spoke extensively on the issues of disability. She stated that the barriers encountered by those with impairments are what constitute disability and not necessarily the impairment. 

She further drew the attention of her audience to the fact that in terms of Gender Based Violence, Women with Disabilities (WWD) are the worst hit.

Hence, there is need to look critically at the barriers that WWDs are faced with as well as considering these women as citizens with rights who can contribute to National development rather object of charity.