In January 27 2021, FACICP Disability Plus was invited to a two (2) day workshop on Nigeria Scale Stakeholder’s Engagement Forum. Civil Society organizations from different parts of the country, came together to discuss and deliberate on how to engage the government on different issues affecting the masses.

At the forum, FACICP Disability Plus advocated for women with disabilities to be actively included in some sector where they are not adequately represented.

The Executive Director of FACICP participate and contributed in three (3) Sectors, The Sexual and Gender Base Violence, Work Place Governance/ Labour/ Trade and WASH.


Issue 1: Increase budgetary allocation and resources for WASH initiatives at the National and Subnational levels including ubiquitous availability of potable water

Justification: WASH should accessible, affordable, available and safe for all, otherwise this can result in widespread health challenges and reduced productivity.

Issue 2: Promote accessibility to WASH facilities by persons with disabilities

Justification: This is an issue of exclusion and rights of a subset of the population. Access and participation is persistent problem nationwide in private and government facilities and should be addressed examples strict building codes, grants to promote social inclusion in the design of public buildings

Issue 3: Provide access to safe and hygienic toilet facilities and provision of free sanitary hygiene products to girls of reproductive age and reduction in the price of hygiene products

Justification: It is not uncommon for girls of school age to miss school due to their menstrual periods or to poorly manage themselves during their cycles

Issue 4: Government should address and or/strengthen laws around the persistent pollution and/or effects climate change of water bodies