FACICP DISABILITY PLUS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND PRESIDENT OF JONAPWD, MS Ekaete Judith Umoh, was present at the one-day consultative meeting on covid19 related sexual and gender base violence, organize by WOMEN, LAW AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE AFRICA (WOLDI) IN PARTNERSHIP WITH URGENT ACTION AID, held at TOP RANK HOTEL GIMBIA STREET central business area Abuja on the 16th of march 2021.

WOLDI used the opportunity to lunch the nonprofit, non-governmental human right organization that was conceived in 2020, to provide voice to the voiceless and access to justice for women and children, promotion and elimination of all forms of discrimination in our society. Present at the event are minister of Women Affair, H E DAME PAULINE TALLEN who was represented, Representative from NAPTI, member of Nigeria Correction facilities, CSOs and media. President of WOLDI AFRICA Dr Hauwa Shekarau gave the opening remark, the organization was found in other to fight against injustice for woman and girl who faces sexual harassment and lack of justice for their fundamental human right in the society, she call on all government agencies, stakeholder, religious leaders and other CSOs to support the fight against injustice on women and girl for a violence free society.

 All stakeholders plages their support to WOLDI AFRICA for this wonderful initiative and promise to bring in their expertise in the fight against sexual and gender base violence in Nigeria.

The objective of the organization was stated 

(1) To promote access to justice to vulnerable women and children

 (2) To educate and promote the right and liberty of women and children 

(3) To provide free legal services to vulnerable women in strategic legal matters,